Welcome to the Masoveria Puigbó. Our family has been "masovera" (someone who takes care of the farm) from the twenties of the last century. We are the fourth generation that takes care of the house, but the first who don't work as a farmer, although we have a lot of knowledge to share with you, and old tools to show you. We take care of the house, in order to preserve the authentic atmosphere of country house.



he house of Puigbò is on the southern face of Gombrèn, right in the shady and in front of the ‘Santuari de Montgrony’ (a well-known sanctuary). When you get there, you will see a big ‘masia’ (Catalan farmstead) and a church in ruins which dates from the eighteenth century. That church took over the job of the pre-romanesque church placed nearby altogether with a castle and the antique medieval village with twelve houses, an observation tower and a piece of the church consecrated to Saint Martí. In the morning when you wake up, depending on the room where you slept, you will see the sun rising above the Taga’s mountain or also the first sunbeams on the slop of the Rasos de Tubau. You can also enjoy the wonderful landscape of Pedraforca and Puigllançada in a five-minute walk. On the side that leads to the north, the visual field includes the mountains of Castellar de N’Hug, the mountains of Montgrony and Taga to Sant Amant, in Ripoll.

Masoveria Puigbó s/n, Gombrèn 17531 (Girona)



You’ll see for the surrounding’s description that the trips are the most advisable thing to do. The landscapes that change in the pre Pyrenees forests, depending on the season in which you visit us, they make this zone specially attractive for the mountain bike lovers, but also for walking routes. Up to Sant Jaume de Frontanyà, a three-hour route, or to Montgrony, two hours far from here, among others.The mushroom pickers will wake up in the beautiful middle of a forest where there are plenty of mushrooms. It can be made a day route with the car, which can include a visit to the Jardins Artigues (Artiga’s gardens), in la Pobla de Lillet or you can enjoy in the same town a trip by the Tren del Ciment (a tourist train). You can also go up to ‘les Fonts del Lobregat’ (a famous fountains) in Castellar de N’Hug and, when you go back, you can visit the Castell de Mataplana, a castle where the Comte Arnau’s Myth was born, on the way to Montgrony. That place is full of history and legend (Otger Cataló and the Varons de la Fama) and an amazing rocky landscape, the ideal one for the rock climbing lovers. On the other hand, in a half an hour’s drive, you can get to Ribes de Freser, where you will be able to pick the Cremallera (a train with special tracks) which will lead you to Vall de Núria. In the village of Gombrèn, ten minutes away, you can enjoy a visit to the Jardí Botànic de Plantes Medicinals (a botanical garden of medicinal plants) which was the first created in Catalunya with these characteristics. Also in Gombrèn, you can also visit the Museu del Comte Arnau (a museum) or enjoy a great meal in the Fonda Xesc which is, undoubtedly, an excellent place for the cookery lovers. It is also advisable to buy bread and traditional sausages before leaving.


The house

The part of the house you will have at your disposal is the first floor, with all of the rooms, the dining rooms, a big living-room, a fireplace and a courtyard that leads to the toilets. These toilets, together with the kitchen, are new, but we tried to keep them rustic. The kitchen, for example, keeps a worth seeing stone sink. However, the place you will enjoy the most is the ‘Sala de la Llar de Foc’ (Fireplace room): it is a room with a fireplace encircled by a bench and, next to this room, there is an attached sitting room with the ‘pastador’. Before, in that room, the bread was kneaded and baked; now, as multi-purpose room, you can have meals, you can play board games or you can read sitting on the many existing sofas. Moreover, the most curious will be able to enjoy and see the tools to make bread shown on the wall and a big piece of furniture which was used before to pick the measures of flour needed. Underneath of that piece of furniture, there is a built-in ‘pastera’. La casa s'obre per a grups de 8 a 10 persones i, com en tota masia rural, hi trobareu bestiar i la possibilitat d'experimentar les tasques de cultiu d'aliments.

Surface of the house: 300m2
Number of rooms: 4
Maximum Capacity: 10 people
Parking next to the house

In the house you will find ...

- Fully equipped kitchen
- Grills
- Dishwasher
- Sheets and towels
- Hairdryer
- TV, CD and DVD

                             Ten minutes drive away to enjoy the tranquility at the Municipal Pool. The house is rented only groups of 8 to 10 people and right to use the kitchen. The minimum price to open the farmhouse is 300€ per weekend , but vary depending of the number of people and season in witch the reservation is made.

Tell us something

The best way to contact us is by phone, but you can also use the following email:
Phone: 972 71 21 41  
Mobile phone:  689 13 39 25  
e-mail:  masoveriapuigbo@masoveriapuigbo.cat